Manage Yahoo email account general settings?

  • Once you have created your Yahoo email account; you have all the privilege to change or update its general settings. This is easy after you sign into your Yahoo account. There you have three different categories of settings.

    1.    Personal information

    ü  Update your first, last, and display name

    ü  Wrong birthday listed on account

    ü  Can I change my profile picture?

    1.    Account security settings

    ü  Change or reset your password

    ü  Update your account recovery information

    ü  Activate Yahoo Account Key

    ü  Enable/disable Yahoo Account Key on your devices

    ü  Enable/disable two-step verification

    ü  Delete your security questions

    1.    Account preferences

    ü  Change your language and location settings

    Simply, click and update the settings.

    Or contact with yahoo customer support team on their toll free number.