How to troubleshoot Yahoo mail attachment issue?

  • Everyone knows that Yahoo mail service is an easily accessible email platform that offers its users a number of incredible features and one of those features is Yahoo mail attachment feature that allows a user to send files like pictures, files, documents to family members, companions and colleagues from the mailbox. It might be possible your mailbox is not allowing you to send files and you are getting annoyed, here you’ll know the basic reasons behind this issue or you can also speak to an expert at Yahoo support team.

    Some of the reasons that are responsible for an attachment issue are as under:

    • It might be possible that file you are trying to send is not supported by Yahoo, it is not allowed because a hacker may use this file to gain access to your PC.
    • If a file is infected, it is automatically rejected while scanning.
    • If your file contains some special characters then it gets rejected.
    • When your file is encrypted, you won’t be able to attach files from your mailbox as it may contain a malicious script that is useful for a hacker.
    • You can’t attach a folder directly as you can attach files only.
    • If your folder is more than 25 MB, you won’t be able to attach your file.

    How to fix email attachment issues in your mailbox?

    Here are some steps that a user can use the given information, in case, you find yourself unable in attaching a file.

    • In case, your file is infected then it’s better to install an antivirus and scan file before attaching. It is always advisable to keep an updated antivirus on your PC.
    • Don’t use some special characters in your file like %!*$&, when you have these characters in your file name you won’t be able to attach a file.
    • In case, your file crosses the given limit, you need to compress or resize it. If you are not able to do so, you can upload your file to cloud server and share the link.

    How to attach a folder in an attachment?

    You can’t send a folder directly to a sender from your mailbox, you need to convert this folder to a zip folder then you can attach it easily.

    For more information, you can make a call on Yahoo support Australia Number 1-800-875-379.

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