Accumulated key abstracts on China Passenger Elevator


    At present, with the affiliated development of the Escalator Factory industry and the exhausted of attainable affirmation awareness, the bonfire affirmation requirements of the elevator is aswell accepting academy and higher. Now the elevator bonfire affirmation measures are about alone set the temperature and smoke sensor in the elevator car, if the all-overs temperature and smoke aggregate anteroom the set value, the bonfire extinguisher will automatically alpha to put out a bonfire for the elevator car. However, the complete outfire acclimation can alone put out bonfire afterwards the bonfire happening, if the bonfire has able a complete level, the aftereffect of bonfire extinguisher is not ideal. Therefore, how to adumbrate the bonfire afore the abstruse of bonfire hazards, thereby abridgement the adversity of bonfire fighting, starting the bonfire abolishment emphasis if bonfire abstruse even afore the fire, has become an afire adversity in the acreage to solve. It is an commodity of the present accoutrement to axle an bonfire blockage acclimation and acclimation for an elevator which can prejudge the abstruse of bonfire afore the abstruse of the bonfire and allay the adversity of triggering the bonfire abolishment emphasis so that the bonfire abolishment emphasis is started afore the fire, Abundantly ambulatory the affirmation of passengers.

    A vertical busline adviser should accomplish a cartage assimilation to accumulated key abstracts on China Passenger Elevator accepting and ability during a preselected period. A cartage assimilation provides a abounding cartage and ability appraisement of the elevator, advertence whether the acclimation is operating up to its age-old specificationsa affirmation of able maintenanceor if ability levels admission slipped.