the nba coins of the 53rd Middle School a lively

  • Gallinari gave the nba coins of the 53rd Middle School a lively and interesting basketball training class, taught the children basketball skills, and personally for their action demonstration. In addition to basketball knowledge to teach, Gallinari also his first coaching experience to the fifty-third middle school children. Gallinari and his brother nba coins basketball coach, for their team selected elite players, the basketball game opened the curtain. As the Nuggets team scoring, the first coached Galli Li Ge seriously, before the game is very detailed to the players to explain tactics, prepare the game, and in the course of the nba coins especially stressed that the players pay attention to defense. The opening game, Gallinari led the yellow team took the lead scored two points, and in the defense when the break with two goals to 6-0 lead. Gary Nali led the white team also did not show weakness, so that the other foul free throw opportunities. In the white team players free throws, Funny Gallinari led everyone shouting boo, but the heart of a strong white team players in the audience boo the case penalty into the ball. At the end of the first half, the yellow team led the white team at 10: 1. Easy side battles, the second half of the two nba coins are re-adjust the lineup and tactics, respectively, arranged for three female players to play. The second half opening, the yellow team with a strong offensive ability and then into the ball. However, just playing the white team female players grabbed the rebound, dribbling back attack, for the white team to regain the two points. See the white team to launch a counterattack, Gallinari took the lead in making the first nba 17 coins of the field adjustment, and ultimately led the yellow team to 19: 5 win the game victory. After the game, Gallinari for the children to send their own signature photos.