Thompson and 2k mt have tried to shoot

  • The first section of the game, the two 2k mt are relatively nervous start, the Warriors Green, Curry, Thompson and Durant have tried to shoot, did not hit, Knight Owen and Carrefour have shot missed, the last two sides rely on JR. Smith's three 2k mt and Pachulia's basket attack to open the deadlock. Then the two sides of the attack gradually returned to 2k mt, but Durant and James's duel also entered the rhythm of Mars hit the earth´╝üJames's first layup directly blocked by Durant, followed by Durant pick Green pass, dunks succeeded. In the dialogue with James, Durant directly squeeze Zhanhuang to the inside slip, and difficult throwing hit. James then continued assists Owen and Carrefour hit 3 points, Durant is the use of their own 2k mt and vision nba 2k17 myteam coins in the basket and Pachulia played with the assists tie tie dunk. The first section to 5 minutes 52 seconds, James and Durant began to violate the basket, knight attack, Lok Fu assists the basket unguarded James, Zhanhuang ball can not believe after no one defensive, stunned Only one arm brakes-type dunks, 2k mt end, Zhan Huang Changshu breath, and even set up his arms!