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  • At present, Tang God's contract left 2 years, the average annual salary of 18 million US dollars or so, according to the current market conditions, if the soup God has the idea of ​​leaving the, then the nba 2k17 mt points want to get his team will certainly lined up. As for the 76 people here, in the summer last election to the champion - Simmons; another supernova Enbei is also recuperating two years later, return to Philadelphia lineup, and to the entire league to show their amazing strength. Although the end of the season, Simmons because of a wound did not hit, Enbei is also early due to injury claims. But this time, Philadelphia has really seen the hope of rebuilding the team. It is in this context, the Philadelphia season just one end, opened the signings program, in addition to Thompson, they also eyeing the dragon master Lori. For Thompson, the 76ers and the Warriors in strength, there is no small gap. But this summer, if Philadelphia signings to force, they have the hope of rising in the east. And joined the 76 people, Thompson no longer have to worry about the issue of the right to hand. These, for the 27-year-old, is in the fight when the Tang God, it is obviously not a small cheap nba 2k mt. Warriors and knights for three consecutive years to become the final opponent, both sides have their own success, and this year's O'Brien Cup will fall, you foreign experts also give their own forecasts.


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