I heard nba2kmt also talk about this matter

  • "A few days ago I heard Durant also talk about this nba2kmt, I think the current so-called 'competition imbalance' to him really a bit unfair," Xiao Hua said, "I mean, if He had chosen to stay in Oklahoma City or join other nba2kmt, he can only affect that a team, no doubt that the strength of the team will be significantly improved, but he alone to change the other 27 The fate of the nba2kmt, which is obviously some exaggeration. Subsequently, Xiao Hua also talked about the new collective bargaining agreement, the new agreement to improve the players to renew the mother of the incentive, fundamentally avoid the formation of another super teams. He also highlighted the upcoming draft of this year and the impact on the future alliance. "It's hard for me to understand why there are only two nba2kmt with a competitive view," Xiao Hua said, "I do not think so. Kewei - Leonard is the 15th overall election to the Union Isaiah - Thomas' s No. 60, and Drummond - Green is the 35th pick, and this year we have a lot of great rookie. "When I hear people say that knights and warriors are now two dynasty buy cheap nba 2k17 coins, recalling nba2kmt, we will think of Lake Kay duel. The Celtics have won 17 championships, the Lakers have 16 times. The league history championship half of the number, but the Cavaliers won the first championship last year, and the Golden State Warriors before the last cup is 40 years and championship missed.