he is very nba coins that the game depends on the performance

  • "I think Carrefour is nba coins at a very high level," Lu said, "he is very confident that the game depends on the performance of the bit and the player, there are foul problems, etc. But I think we are ready." "In November last nba coins, Green had said that if the knight once again meet the finals, then he will try to" destroy "," annihilate "the knight. "He is a competitor, sure that there is the nba coins challenge, we are the same. This will be a wonderful series, Green said this is to vent their own emotions, he should also look forward to this series. Guidance smiled and said. "He is a competitor, and when you beat a team they definitely want revenge, I like people of this character, they are hard to say what to say, we need to be ready to accept the challenge. When it comes to the knights of the season's nba coins, Green said he did not like to see this one-sided game. "When you look at the knight 's game, you only see the party playing well, it' s too weak. "We will not take buy nba mt else's contempt as a driving force forward, we enter the finals, this is enough incentives.We will not worry about what others say, that we are suppressed party.We will only play nba coins. Our goal from the beginning of the season did not change, that is to win the championship, so the next we have to do is concentrate on playing. "Lu guidance to respond.