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  • If you follow the Green Army from the Big buy mt, then after the end of the 2016-17 season, you will certainly agree that little Thomas brought the team to another height. Past 300 days, little Thomas have gone through what? Last summer, the Celtics were one of the buy mt of the free agent Durant. The Celtics sent a lobby group composed of numerous players to Hampton and met with Durant, who was one of the members of the lobby. Anji also let NFL New England Patriots Tom - Brady joined, during the small Thomas and the famous quarterback to exchange contact. Now the two buy mt will often send text messages greetings, small Thomas is eager to ask Brady, learn how he ranks among the ranks of the greatest winner of the NFL. Little Thomas once said that Iverson was one of his childhood buy mt. Last August, he flew to Philadelphia and took part in his cheap nba 2k17 coins holding an annual summer camp. Little Thomas got a signature jersey from Iverson, and there was a new impetus. Little Thomas felt that he needed to raise the level of the game, catching up with the idol's career averages. In reviewing their own as the Green Army fresh blood, to the buy mt what kind of impact at the same time, small Thomas also set the 2016-17 season goals. "I want to be selected for the All-Star, I'm going to be MVP," Little Thomas said. "I am not just talking about it, those are my goals." It sounds a bit ambitious, but in fact after the end of the season, he has won the second All-Star qualification, while the second line into the best team, is also trying to move towards the MVP candidate road.