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  • If the first half of the Celtics there are some 2k mt of 2k mt, then the third quarter they were playing no strength to fight back, this section they lost 17-34 17 points. This section came up to Owen with 3 goals to get 8 points, he arranged the knights of this section of the first 11 points. After James scored two goals in a row, in this section 4 minutes and 48 seconds left, Smith outside hit three points, the knight has pulled the score to 95-65. In this section 2 minutes and 40 seconds left, James in the left side of the 45-degree angle hit the 2k mt, get the game the first 29 points, to achieve the Jordan's transcendence. James this section to get 15 points, Owen had 13 points, the two men together to lead the Cavaliers with 109-74 lead into the fourth quarter. Huge difference to the game early loss of 2k mt, the final knight to 135-102 victory over the Celtics, for three consecutive years and the Warriors join forces in the finals, this is the first time in history the same two teams for three consecutive seasons meet the total The final situation. In accordance with the schedule, this year's finals will be June 2, at the Warriors home Oracle Arena buy myteam coins nba 2k17 the curtain. In the third quarter of the game 2 minutes and 40 seconds left, James took Owen hit three points in the playoffs in the playoff list rose to the first, to 2k mt the Jordan beyond. When the hit that note three points, James with the right hand index finger to celebrate their own achievements. And the Cavaliers field and field players, are celebrated for James, Thompson also ran over and he clapped. Do not discuss James and Jordan is strong and weak, but anyway, for James, this is indeed a celebration of the milestone.