Carrefour Knight buy mt the first 8 points in the opening

  • Celtics' Avery - Bradley 23 points, Jay - buy mt 11 points and 6 rebounds, Gerrard - Green 14 points. Carrefour Knight opened the first 8 points in the opening, in the first section to get 10 points, James in the first buy mt to get 11 buy mt, they jointly led the Cavaliers played a very good start. And the third quarter is the turn of Owen angry, he arranged the Knights of this section of the first 11 points, single to get 3 points to promote the knight will lead to expand to 30 points. James in the third quarter and get 15 points, of course, he is the knight of the game's biggest hero, but can not forget the contribution of love and Owen. Knights have the opportunity to end the series in the buy mt, but James will never despise the opponent, no matter how much they occupy the advantage. "The war is always the hardest to fight, and you are still on the road." James said, "the Celtics will make the game more difficult to play. Do not underestimate the James and Knight is absolutely strong enough, the game to play less than 2 buy myteam coins, Carrefour even 3 goals to get 8 points, then James scored two goals in the first quarter, 7 minutes and 48 seconds left in the first section Horford defensive 3 buy mt off, Owen penalty free throws, knights have made 15-5 lead. Even more frightening is that the Cavaliers not only the Big Three fire full, their bench players are full of fire, in the first section left 2 minutes and 27 seconds, Owen hit three points success, they have the score opened to 37- 16.