no Isaiah-Thomas nba mt coins did not differ from the previous

  • people nba mt coins that no Isaiah-Thomas Celtic did not differ from the previous one. Are they getting better? The answer is not black or white, the truth behind is very complicated. Little Thomas played a phenomenal nba mt coins this season, he may be in the season MVP selection in the top five, he proved himself is one of the league's best scorer, he is a deadly weapon. But led the Celtics in the playoffs against the knights such a team? Little Thomas's injury changed the Celtics, which has nothing to do with getting better or worse, but changed the way the team's operation, and in a certain sense to change the situation of this round of the series. Of course, people can be the Celtics in the third nba mt coins as a lucky victory, due to James's downturn and Smart's three-point performance, it is not wrong. However, the game is not simply determined by the performance of two people, when the development of all things are out of control, the situation on the field will become abnormal. You have to admit that there is no small Thomas where the nba mt coins played the way to change. They speed up the rhythm of the game, choose to launch tactics more quickly, no longer limited by the team super-giant control. They have to constantly transfer the ball, because no one will need singles. On the defensive end, the change is huge. Knight in the first half of the fiery state is difficult to nba 2k17 ps4 coins, while the Celtics no longer have been targeted for 1 meter 75 defensive black hole, no need to distraction in the field to think about when the defense. The second half of the third war, the Celtics defense efficiency as high as 93.6, compared with the second war 132, they have been earth-shaking upgrade.