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  • Anto Quinberg first expressed his congratulations to 2k mt on 2k mt, and later expressed his gratitude to him for helping him and his family in the past few years. The full text reads as follows: "Do not know where to start ... The man gave me the chance to change my life! He will be how I am in the field to do a professional player, he helped me become such a person today. I am grateful to Mr. Hammond, and I hope that you will be all right in Orlando, thank you for changing your life and my family. Live! # My friend # forever. At the 2010 NBA Draft, Anto Quimo was selected by John Hammond, the then 2k mt manager of the Bucks, at the 15th round of the first round. After the 2016 rookie contract ended, Anto Quinco was in four years $ 100 million with the team to complete the renewal. As early as last season, LeBron - James in an interview, it shows that the main driving force comes from the legendary star Michael - Jordan goal. In the great achievements of Jordan, surrounded by the help of Scottie - Pippen, they had to 2k mt the Bulls six crown dynasty. Pippen in Jordan, as Robin to Batman. In Pippen view, James has not gone beyond Kobe Bryant, and he does not agree with James and Kobe Bryant and 2k mt buy for comparison. When I was interviewed by ESPN, Pippen said, "I do not think he (James) has yet to go beyond Kobe Bryant, and I do not agree to compare him with 2k mt or Kobe Bryant because they are not a position.