trapped in the nba2kmt side of the defense

  • "I did not play well, but the second half, my whole nba2kmt played well, my nba2kmt played well, gave us a leading edge, but I did not play well. And Knight coach Tyler - Lu was asked, James play disorders, is trapped in the other side of the defense, or just did not vote for their own goals? Tyler - Lu laughed and said, "He is also a man, so he will go through this night." James also said that he did not play well. In a reporter asked him if the Celtics took any special new defensive strategy, James replied directly: "It 's nothing fresh, they are doing a nba2kmt job, and there' s more hits me in the penalty area, but the main thing is that I'm not playing well. James side of the teammate Tristan - Thompson is vocal protection of their nba2kmt, said the team lost the main reason is still defensive. "The problem is not offense, we got enough points to win the game," he said, and no matter how many points nba mt for sale got, we should do better on the defensive end and force the opponent one by one. Finally James said that he and the team will become better. "This is the playoffs.You will win some nba2kmt and you will lose some of the game, the key is the time between the game and the game, they will get better at these times, and we will get better." Said James.