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  • Facts have proved that you can never 2k mt the feeling of a super scorer, the second quarter began soon, Curry and Green into a foul trouble, the team is behind, the Warriors into a passive situation, but Klein outside the 2k mt Three break up Then he showed himself the number of empty post moves ability, from the left side of the 45 ° by the cover around the right corner of the corner, then pass the 2k mt face Danny - Green's defense with a record three points to help the warriors equal The Halftime back, the Spurs have been forced to a dead end, had to 2k mt the pressure on Green and Curry's ball, but the third quarter began to Clay once again to the Spurs a blow, the game Thompson three-pointers 6 vote 3 , Although not as exploded as the regular season, but for the Warriors is enough. The whole game Clay had a series of high 17 points to help the Warriors West West even the nba mt coin three games, compared to this, can see Thompson back to feel seems more important, after all, there are more challenges in waiting With them. On a game Pachulia due to foot contusion ahead of schedule, the game before the news, he will continue to miss the second game of the third game, which makes the Warriors inside cast a shadow. In the 2k mt of the Spurs a very high inside, a height and weight of the center is often able to provide a guarantee for the Warriors rebounds.