the nba coins tried to negotiate George's deal

  • the nba coins and the Pacers tried to negotiate George's deal, but there was no progress. At the same time the Pacers and Paul - George's contract is also stagnant. George's current contract is left for two nba coins, the last year for the player option. In other words, George next year off the season can jump out of the contract to become a free agent. Pickle is also a Los Angeles native, go home to play may also be his choice Zijin Corps want to get George there are two ways, through the way the exchange for Pickle, or next year nba coins directly with its contract. If the former way, the Lakers are bound to pay a lot of future assets. "The Lakers do not have to give up their assets and try to get him nba coins the nba 2k17 buy coins." In fact, I think they should go to the opposite, "says Vaughan." If George wants to come to the Lakers, he wants the team to stay These assets, so that when he came to see a good team. Of course, the salary contract is the Lakers weakness, the Zijin Corps can only open up a four-year $ 130 million contract. And George has a Bode clause, you can reach a five-year salary contract with the Pacers, the salary is much higher than the Lakers.