a small Thomas with nba mt coins seconds to grab three-point

  • The end of the first half, a small Thomas with four nba mt coins to grab three-point hit, he shot 2 in the second quarter 2 get 6 points and 3 assists. However, the Green Army at this time has been 22 points behind, almost to create a team history nba mt coins points difference. "From the time we came here we are not optimistic," said Thomas Thomas before the game, "but we really do not pay attention to the outside world, do not care what they think we can go to which step ..." Small Thomas in the second half of the start 3 vote 3, "we will only do what we should do," the eyes of the nba mt coins Army is still determined, but the difference is still 20 points away. The fourth quarter 5 vote 1, the king of the end did not come to the north shore of nba mt coins Garden, look at history, in front of the real king, the assassin only belong to the end of the assassin. Beijing time on May 18, according to the official website of the Knicks reported yesterday, the NBA decided to draw the 2017 draft pick, and finally the Knicks got the eighth overall pick, which will mean that the Knicks draft nba 2k17 mt points process It is kicked off. "I think it 's okay now," said Phil Jackson, the president of basketball operations at Knicks, confidently said, "We hope to pick a good young nba mt coins in the next month' s NBA Draft.