The 2k mt had to wait until 1990 to get Robinson officially

  • The Spurs had to wait until 1990 to get Robinson officially joined the team, because the players had to serve military service. His performance proved that three years of waiting is worth it, Robinson won the MVP in the 94-95 season, and finally won the 2k mt in 1999 with Duncan. The vast 2k mt of people will put Olaju Wang in front of Robinson, but in fact the latter's regular 2k mt win bonus (1.4-0.7) than Olajuwang won him in the playoffs (0.6-0.5 ) The lead is much greater. Of course, no matter who you prefer a player, can not deny the dominance of the two in the 90's. Due to the presence of native privileges in the early years, many of the top 2k mt were not the best players in the league. At that time, only 11 of the 11 draft pick was selected for All-Star. But this situation to Elgin - Baylor here has changed, he was studying at the nba my team coins location is not a professional team, so he can not be designated by the local privileges. Many people have forgotten 18-year-old Howard and Amika - Okafor competition between the fierce, he had just led the Connecticut won the national championship.