the Spurs Rookie nba coins attempted an assault layup

  • At the end of the first day of the first minute, the Spurs nba coins Murray attempted an assault layup, and the ball was still thrown out of Green's block. Suddenly Mickey did not know where to blaze, high leap will basketball fan out, the ball unbiased fall into the hands of the library, in order to prevent the Warriors issued a counterattack, the Spurs can only lose a foul as a price. Not only in the nba coins of the Warriors rookie to the Spurs caused no small trouble in the second quarter of the game, McCaw seems to incarnate as a nightmare of Aldridge. First to take nba coins of the opponent did not pay attention to quietly by the cover slipped to the outside hit three points, then the face of the All-Star power forward without fear of color, decisive ball break layup at the same time caused a foul. However, his game the most exciting scene from the first nba coins of the left 3 minutes and 44 seconds, Clark three hurried shot in the back of the rebounds fell to the hands of Ade, but at this time a figure in front of his heart And then look at the hands of the ball has become a hot potato, but in the attempt to pass the ball when Adelaide, McCaw with the slender arm has long been on the road to intercept, with their own buy mt points nba 2k17 scraping for The Warriors once again get an offensive opportunity. Full game Meco contributed 18 points and 3 rebounds and 5 nba coins and 3 steals, the cool show in the game so that people have forgotten the identity of the rookie, believe that his impact and flexible physical condition in the Iguodala The absence of the case is very good to make up for the depth of the lineup.