the conversion attack Alderidge in the buy mt fast position

  • For example, the conversion attack Alderidge in the basket fast buy mt, Gasol station high involved in defense, opened the space quickly pass the ball to Adelaide, Adelaide basket easily hit; for example, Aldridge back singles Durant, gently rely on live, big hook hit; buy mt example, Aldridge back singles Durant, a probe before the body turned easily Durant, in the face of nba2kmt against the strong hit and caused a foul; And, Aldridge turned back singles Iguodala, back jerk hit. Throughout the first quarter, Aldridge in the inside advantage, in both sides of the case of stagnant attack Ade stable shot for the Spurs to score. In the second quarter, the Spurs tactical focus shifted, countless times by Leonard ball blocking the other buy mt the attack. At this time, Aldridge worked diligently to complete his task, and when he needed to stand up. For example, when Leonard himself attack, many times to get offensive rebounds but can not always hit the shot, is Ade in the basket stuck to find the opportunity to finally hit the basket. The third quarter, originally Ade still diligently doing the work of the buy mt, hit the third, fill the cover Durant. But there was a sudden, Leonard injury back, the team attack pressure suddenly all of a sudden transferred to the Aldrich who. Ade can not adapt at once, many times mistakes. In the fourth quarter, Aldridge worked hard to play the team. Nine minutes, Ade broke the layup hit, and caused the other foul; three nba 2k17 mt coins, Aldridge caused Green foul, two free throws; two minutes, Ade hit a jumper. But the lack of Leonard, the Spurs have always been weak. Eventually, Aldridge played 40 minutes, 24 shots 11, scored 28 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists and 3 steals. 9 points 7 board 7 assists, if you do not see this late night game, will think that the buy mt hit a slightly dull game. But the Warriors in the first half behind, with Green is not a small relationship. Fortunately, the last moment with 5 points, only to dream in the team's reversal in the show a number of existential.