the audience 75 points to nba coins the team this season

  • The game rocket team feel in the doldrums, the audience 75 points to nba coins the team this season, the lowest single points. "It 's not us," said Anderson, in an interview with the locker room. "We did not feel like tonight. Rockets players lost not only reflected in the performance of the field, the spirit of the state is actually not very good, Beverly said after the game: "I did not even feel we have lagged behind 30 points that 10 minutes behind, until I looked up to see Scoring card. "Everything falls on my shoulders, and I assume all responsibility for both nba coins of the nba coins and defense ... you know it's hard, especially when it's going to be," he said. "But D'Antoni did not be disappointed with Harden because of the recent defeat," I am proud of as his coach. " After the final whistle, Spurs coach Popovich came to the nba coins, and D'Antoni, Harden one by one to hug. So the Popovich playoffs played fifth in the series against D'Antoni, and Harden also praised their opponents: "The Spurs played very well this mt nba and they were very, very good a team, They are the better team. The end of the game, the Rockets also ended the whole season of the journey, this D'Antoni said: "This will be a period of time to hurt us, it must we have become stronger in the next year.No reason, this Everything happened, and we will look back at the nba coins and try to find out what the problem is, and some nights, life will hit your face.