the Rockets have been close to 30 2k mt behind

  • The last six minutes of the game, the Rockets have been 2k mt to 30 points behind, Harden also stay in the field. But the rocket has been the trend, this time D'Antoni to Harden stay in the field, is his state of the downturn of a 2k mt? Until the last 3 minutes of the game Harden was offend, and teammates one by one shook hands, then the home fans have left most of the Harden audience 11 vote only 2 points to get 10 points 3 rebounds and 7 assists 1 steals 1 Cover, and 6 off 6 mistakes, 10 points is Harden came to the Rockets after the playoffs single field 2k mt score. The game, Leonard injury truce. On a good performance of Jonathan - Simmons instead of Leonard starred. Compared with the Spurs' other veteran veterans, Simmons is one of the 2k mt people with little experience. However, it is such a young man, in the Spurs lost Parker and Leonard's most critical moment, he stood out, the offensive end of the break, nba 2k17 coin prices, running pass; defensive end is to take the main anti-Harden The task. Moreover, Simmons is not a simple 3D player. In the first quarter five 2k mt, Simmons ball break through, into the inside hands dunks! That a sturdy muscle, with the tyrannical momentum, as if LeBron general! And, hit jumper, hit the third, the first section on the 5 3, scored 7 points.