Harden denied the overtime of his 2k mt problems

  • In addition, Harden denied the overtime of his physical problems: "I feel 2k mt good, is throwing a shot.We have the opportunity to do now is to defend our home, the series back Here. " It is undeniable that the 2k mt end of Harden is also enough effort, "I tried to be in front of them, to their two All-Star, and even Paul (Pau Gasol), he was 7 feet tall ... I was just Trying to show the aggressive, do 2k mt we can to play the best of their own to help the team. "The post-match conference is very short, because we all know that now the situation has been very negative for the rocket. Rocket's other players also expressed in the locker room interview on the loss of this view, Gordon said: "We did too much to hurt their own thing ... this is a tough game." Ariza The confidence of the future of the 2k mt is still: "Obviously (we) missed a chance, but everything is not over, we have to go back home to the next, and then will G7 back buy 2k17 mt. "If we lose, D'Antoni 's coach is sure to take the 2k mt of the seven - man group:" We played hard enough, the next time we did it! We played well enough and had the chance to win, and we just did not finish the job. Hayward signed a $ 62.96 million contract with jazz in the summer of 2014, and the contract will expire in 2018, but the last year Hayward has a player option.