today still played a very nba 2k17 coins personal performance

  • Zhanhuang today still played a very dominant personal nba 2k17 coins: the audience only 14 shots on the highly effective scored 39 points, plus 6 rebounds and 4 assists and 3 steals 2 blocks. It is worth noting that in the past 9 consecutive nba 2k17 coins (count last season) in the playoffs to win the game, Zhanhuang field data is terrible 34.9 points and 10 rebounds and 8.1 assists. But today he's free throw nba 2k17 coins and three-point shooting was flat, about 67%. After the game Raptors headed defender Lori also commented on James's performance: "He lost six free throws. His performance is incredible, he played like LeBron - James game (that is, playing their own game We have to come up with the nba coins for sale we can not beat us ... it 's easier said than done. In addition, tonight is LeBron - James's personal milestone night - he not only in the playoff scoring list beyond the "day hook" nba 2k17 coins Abdul-Jabbar rose to the history of the second, while the playoffs score 30 + times also exceeded Kobe Bryant also rose to nba 2k17 coins place.