Jazz has the league's top 2k mt ability

  • the warrior's offensive strength is more powerful. Among them, the library only shot 11 times, hit 7 goals, contributed 22 points and 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Curry steals in the 2k mt once, the playoff career steals up to 106 times, more than Rick Barry, became the Warriors history playoff steals. In addition, Curry hit a 2k mt, the playoff career three-pointers hit 262, more than Horry, living alone in the first 9. Warriors in the field before the rest of the week, the team is full of desire for the game. One 2k mt, Thompson in the vote and dunks, Pachulia and Green is also a joint point, the Warriors played 9-0 dream start. Playing four minutes, the jazz to rely on Gobel layup to get the first point, the team also found the outside line feeling, Joe - Johnson and Hayward continuous hit three points. The first section of 6 minutes and 24 seconds left, Curry hit three points, continuing the playoff career 63 games field hit three points record, while the total score of the playoffs reached 262, more than Holly, living alone No. 9. Sub-section, the Warriors continued violent offensive, Thompson and buy nba 2k mt hit 2k mt consecutive points, West scored 4 points. Green layup, the Warriors completed the 12-4 offensive, the advantage extended to 14 points. Hill recalls a long shot, Gobel dunk to play three points, but the jazz slightly narrowed the difference, the warrior immediately responded, Thompson soared in the third, Livingston dunk and cheap mt coins. Curry re-debut, it is a continuous dribble play Gobel, a beautiful layup.