Wade decided to perform the nba mt coins season's player option

  • This week, Wade decided to perform the next season's player nba mt coins and stay on the nba mt coins. But today, the Bulls will Jimmy - Butler deal to the Timberwolves, which officially opened the reconstruction. The news was clear to Wade was disappointed, he then in the IG on a photo with Butler, and wrote: "bad! Haha, my buddy! # More life" photos, Wade and Butler is laughing. Bulls and Timberwolves in the deal, the Bulls get Chris nba mt coins and Zach - Raven, Dunn is the Bulls has always liked the young guards, while Raven is biased towards playing the second place. This is undoubtedly the location of Dwyane Wade has become embarrassing, and now Wade has been unable to do the third place. Is Wade down the next season? But at the Bulls' farewell meeting, Wade said he was willing to accept any nba mt coins, including the sixth man. Earlier today, the Celtics and the Knicks have discussed the wave of God's deal, said the Knicks asked to get this year's pick up, next year's first round of the sign (from the Nets), Jay Brown and Claude. Obviously, Anji can not accept such a request, the results did not talk cheapest mt. According to Bulls reporter Johnson said the Celtics and the Bulls also seriously discussed Jimmy - Butler's deal, but the Celtics refused to send this year's pick up or next year's first nba mt coins of the sign, the results of the Bulls and Timberwolves reached Butler transaction.