the nba2kmt will be all-star forward Jimmy

  • Beijing time on June 23, today's NBA draft, the nba2kmt will be all-star forward Jimmy - Butler deal to the Timberwolves, which officially entered the reconstruction. After hearing the news, Butler's personal trainer in the push on the shelling of the Bulls management, and denounced their character is poor. Teller's trainer named Travis - Gaines, his Twitter portrait is a photo with Butler. "The worst team culture in the league, some of the nba2kmt traders I've met, are better than the general manager of the Bulls, he is a liar, and everyone knows it." Traverse - Gaines in the nba2kmt reminder of the Bulls basketball affairs of the main decision makers plus - Forman and John - Parkson. In fact, in the past year, Jimmy - Butler many times into the rumors of trading, this year is no exception, especially before the start of the NBA draft, Butler is the protagonist of trade rumors. But at the same time, Butler has repeatedly said he wants to stay in the nba2kmt, and in the meeting with the Bulls management, Butler also expressed the same desire. But the Bulls management deal with Butler's virtual coins 2k17 has been set. Today, they trade with Minler and this year's first nba2kmt of the 16th pick to the Timberwolves, and get Zach - Lavin, Chris - Dunn and this year's first round of the 7th pick.