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  • Curry fourth only 13 cast 4, 3 points nba2kmt the 9-for-2 vote. Lu said: "He is very dangerous, we just want to limit his shot, let him play the ball.Fourth we do a good job, we have to continue in the fifth field of this performance, the nba2kmt against each of us There is such a thought. Tomorrow, the final five games will be open to play, the knights are now 1-3 behind, can limit the Duke will determine the nba2kmt of the knight. Since the throw from the deduction, James completed the fourth finals of the final freehand of a ball. Teammate Tristan Thompson did not seem to realize how the ball entered: "I was trying to grab offensive rebounds, but the ball was a bit high, and then he came so a buckle. Thompson now know the feelings of the Warriors nba2kmt, James's endurance and wisdom to become the biggest obstacle to win the Warriors. The final so far James averaged 31.8 points 11.8 rebounds and 10.5 assists, no players in this buy nba mt coins to complete the nba2kmt are three pairs. Gengrang Warriors headache is that the Knights of the Big Three cut 94 points, as nearly half a century since the first in the finals were 40 +, 30 + and 20 + players. The last time a player played this achievement was still in 1969 Jerry - West (41), Elgin - Baylor (32) and Johnny - Egan (26).