Configure iTunes with the help of these steps !!

  • If the users are willing to configure their iTunes services then they can do it by following som eof the steps that are mentioned below in this article. These steps should be followed correctly.

    First of all the users need to open their itunes on their Apple devices be it iphones, ipads or anything.

    Now go to the menu bar that is mentioned at the top of the itunes page.

    From there the users are required to select on account and then select on sign in option.

    After that the users are required to select on create new Apple ID and should proceed further.

    Once this is done the users are needed to read the terms and policy of the Apple privacy policy.

    The users will then a get a form for creating the account.

    Enter a new Apple ID that will be the users new Apple ID.

    Users are also required to answer some of the security questions that is mentioned there.

    Users should not forget to mention an alternate email so that it can be used for future reference.

    Once the form is filled correctly select on continue.

    When all these steps has been under taken the users will get a verification email on their mail which will verify the new Apple ID of the users.

    Therefore, the users needs to follow all the above mentioned steps that is provided so as to configure their itunes. On the other hand if the users face any issue related to these steps then they can simply contact the iTunes Technical Support and can talk with the technical representatives available for the users.