How to Setup Mozilla Thunderbird?


    Mozilla Thunderbird is totally free of service charge and one of the best open source email, news feed and even group chat service which is introduced by the Mozilla Foundation. This multitasking service has been launched in the year 2007 by the very same Mozilla Thunderbird.


    How to setup mozilla thunderbird in your personal device ?

    Follow up the below given up procedures to make the desired setting in your system or any required computing device.


    Step 1: Start your personal computer device.

    Step 2: Open your browser in your device.

    Step 3: Enter this ‘’ on the search bar and press enter.

    Step 4: From there download and install the mozilla thunderbird in your system.

    Step 5: Now launch your mozilla mail application, and switch to the ‘tools’ option over there.

    Step 6: Now from the ‘tools’ menu, move to the ‘accounts settings’ and then follow up the below given steps.

    Step 7: There click on the ‘email account’ which is present in the account wizard. After that click on the next option.

    Step 8: Now a space is provided in front of you, there enter the name and email address in the required box.

    Step 9: There choose your server account type from given two options, which are POP and IMAP. And the POP server setting will be ‘’ and for the IMAP server setting will be ‘’ and after that click on the next option.

    Step 10: In the incoming username and in the incoming username enter your email address, and then click on the next option.

    Step 11: After clicking on the next option, provide any nay name to your account in the ‘account name’.

    Step 12: Click on the ‘finish’ option.

    Step 13: Now select the ‘outgoing server’, which is present in the ‘account settings’ from the menu option.

    Step 14: Enter there ‘’ in the ‘server name’, field.

    Step 15: In the ‘username field’, enter your email address and password.


    Hence, now you have done all your job and filled the details very properly in the required field. And be free that all your settings are filled accordingly. And to get more information regarding the mozilla thunderbird setup then contact to the ‘Mozilla thunderbird technical support’.