Configure your netzero account with outlook

  • Users of netzero email account can also configure their account with the use of Outlook by just following the steps that are mentioned below. The configuration steps should be followed very correctly so that the whole process can be undertaken without any errors.

    Therefore, steps to configure Netzero account with Outlook are as followed :

    open Outlook and go to the tools option.

    From there select on accounts menu.

    Select on the add option and click on mail from the available options.

    In the display name box users need to enter their name that they want to show in their account.

    After that enter the full netzero email address and select on next.

    Go to the drop down option and from there select on the POP3.

    In the incoming mail enter

    in the outgoing mail option enter

    now in the account name option enter the netzero member id and proceed further.

    In the passeword option enter the netzero email account password.

    Beside the remember password option users are needed to select on the check box.

    Select on the finish option to configure the account.

    The netzero account should be highlighted.

    Select on the properties option.

    Go to the advanced tab option and from there select on this server requires secure connection option i.e. SSL.

    The POP number should be changed to 995 and the SMTP should be 465.

    select the apply option and from there select on close.

    Hence, by these steps the netzero account will be configured by Outlook. If the users face any glitches regarding these steps or have and confusion then they can contact the Netzero Technical Support and can get the help from the technicians.