How to recover Netgear router password?

  • Netgear router protected routing facility for internet connection. It is easy to configure the router and make sure that the router firmware is always updated to prevent it from any issue. Netgear router is cost effective and solves the problem of proper internet connectivity.

    If the user has forgotten the Netgear password then it is possible to recover the password. This article will provide the necessary recovery steps and the process is supported in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Although if the user is not able to solve the problem then it is better to contact technical experts for help.

    Follow the steps for Netgear router password recovery –

    Open the login page of Netgear router.

    Now click on ‘Cancel’ button and password recovery process will be enabled where user will asked for the serial number of the router.

    Enter the serial number and click ‘Continue’.

    A display requesting the answers to security questions will be displayed. Enter the saved answers and click ‘Continue’ again.

    A screen will be displayed providing the recovered password.

    User can now login to Netgear router using the password.

    Is there any trouble in Netgear router password recovery? Contact Netgear router technical support for help. Support professionals will provide best technical solutions for router problems and instant troubleshooting steps will be prescribed.