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    Zoroastrianism was deeply concerned with the eternal relationship between good and evil and many scholars believe that even in modern Iran Zoroaster focus on this permanent struggle remains an important element lurking beneath the surface of much religious and secular philosophy. Khomeini obsession with the struggle between good (epitomized by Islam and Iran) and evil (the West the United States) is often described as a manifestation of this deep seated Iranian trait.

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    Elam suffered from the superior power of the Sumerians as much as it benefited from their more advanced culture and technology. Three groups of Aryans nfl ultimate team coins swept in and settled in different parts of the country: the Scythians who conquered the far northwest from their strongholds around the Black Sea; the Medes (or Mada) who settled in a wide swath of land in the center of the country; and the Persians (or Parsa) who eventually made their home in the south in what would eventually become Iran Fars (derived from province.