but he stressed that the Red Army reached the top four

  • Clop: the last moment almost scared to death, for the fight four need to make persistent efforts

    May 02 2017

    Liverpool coach Klopp is very satisfied with his disciples in the current round of league 1-0 Lectra cheap fifa 17 coins   Watford, but he stressed that the Red Army reached the top four still have a lot of work to do.

    With the victory of the game, Liverpool consolidated their third place in the league. At present they are in the case of a round of competition ahead of Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. And the game for Liverpool into the winning goal is the German midfielder Emre - Zhan. After the game Claud talked about his views on the game.

    About the overall view of Emre - Zhan goal and the victory of the field ...

    In fact, I would like to see again Emre - Zhan's goal - everyone is talking about this goal. I only read it again, but the ball looks so wonderful. When I saw the ball into the time, I turned too early. As everyone saw it, the game was tough. Waterford is a tough opponent, deep defense. We pass a lot of balls, that is what we have to buy fifa 17 coins do, you can not create the opportunity to come one after another.

    I think in the last weekend after the league, we have progress, we played on a good enough patience, but today we performed a lot better, kicked out their own offensive. Of course, we did not specifically let Emre - Zhan trained the barbarian shot! But sent him this pass is the main content of our training, so I am glad to see this picture - Lucas sent the pass, Emre - Zhan position Qiangdian. That's great, because we can imagine how the opponent will defend.

    Maybe Stuart Ridge can score at the last minute, yes, the opponent has a clear foul on him, but he can break through the defense, and then perhaps should have scored. So the game as we hope that, at the moment we feel very good.

    About Liverpool to regain the league before the four competing for the initiative is very important ... ...

    That's not important ... nothing else we just need to stay focused and we need to concentrate on it. Yes, we have pressure ... but at the end of the season, at this stage, stress means that you are working hard for some goals. This is a positive pressure, so we want to have pressure - we hope that the greater the pressure the better, we want to stay focused, we want to work hard for all the points you can get to go all out.

    We do not expect this for a second it will be very easy. If someone here thinks that our next  fifa 17 xbox one coins match with Southampton wins, then this person is definitely not going to play. Because Southampton is really a very strong opponent. This will be another tough game, but the reality is the case. Tonight, no one can take away our points, so this is the best news for us, and now we have time to work and start preparing for the contest with Southampton.

    About Emre - Zhan ...

    If you are after the game, after the goal (for Emre - Zhan) view is not positive, then certainly what is a problem! Yes, he is a good boy, he helped us. I know what it is like, his calf hurt, but we can not abandon him, it is impossible for us. We have discussed many of this, everyone has seen his performance, and then "how did he?"

    We think the team needs him at such a moment, and then he says, "Okay, I'll try it." Sometimes this is not the best choice, but at the same time, with his injury improved, he can begin to buy fifa 17 coins  continue to play strength. He is a physically strong child and is very important to us. If he can get  such a goal, then this is entirely should be.

    About the idea when Watford hit the crossbar in the game's stoppage time ...

    After the game I said to the young man: "If you want to kill me, then you can try this method!" Too crazy, too crazy, (that all of a sudden let me more than 500 million white hair! Tonight this situation, we have defensive place, and then they suddenly have three players in the goal after the point.

    What can you say? We worked for 97 minutes, but as long as you are willing, only one mistake can make the opponent fifa 17 coins goals - the highest level of football is like this. Our performance today is not perfect, but if the last moment by the opponent is really difficult to accept the goal. But we got (3 points), I believe the boys are worthy of this victory.