Nitrogen Generation System is difficult to quantify

  • In the case of astringent haze, the basic antecedent of calm chapped bulk is infiltrated by the outside, and the calm abuse antecedent apparent as No. 4 is altered from room, Nitrogen Generation System is difficult to quantify and is not acceptable for abstract calculation. Therefore, it is anon abandoned here. The activating calm declared aloft becomes the bulk at which the particles penetrate, according to the sum of the ante of sedimentation, bactericide purification, and accustomed acquittal of the three ablution pathways.

    The bulk of chapped bulk aggression into the allowance is accompanying to the absorption of alfresco particles, the bulk of calm ventilation, and the assimilation accent of the particles biting through the assorted gaps into the room. The sedimentation bulk is accompanying to the absorption of calm particles and the accustomed sedimentation coefficient. The bulk of ablution is a CADR value, while the accustomed acquittal is the aggression of the about-face process, breadth the assimilation through a arrangement of gaps accept no effect, because as continued as the discharge, whether it is absolved to the alfresco environment, or adsorption in the Affectionate of gap, accept larboard the calm air system, it is the absorption of calm chapped bulk and blast accent of the product.