Consider the 6 Ton Jack Stands

  • 1. Consider the type of car you will be working on.
    Jack stands come in all types of different heights and varieties. The most notable difference is size, specifically height. Jack stands vary in height quite a bit, so it’s important to choose one that is either tall enough or short enough to suit your car. The most important facets to consider are your car’s ground clearance and weight. Automobiles such as a Porche 911 Turbo or a BMW M3 are going to be low to the ground and relatively light weight compared to SUVs such as a Ford Explorer or Cadillac Escalade. As such, the Porsche and BMW will benefit from a shorter jack stand and a jack stand without a ton of weight capacity will suffice quite nicely. On the other hand, the Ford and Cadillac will need a taller stand to reach the bottom of the car when the wheels are off the ground and since these cars are on the heavier end of the spectrum, you will need to bump up the weight limit on your jack stand.

    2. Consider build quality.
    The jack stand is a relatively simple tool, but as with any manufactured item, there are vast differences in build quality. A general rule of thumb with tools is that buying nice tools that will last forever is ultimately cheaper in the long run than buying a cheap version of the same tool multiple times. Jack stands are no different. Jack stands that are rated to capacity are going to be reliable to that capacity no matter where they were manufactured or who made them. The big difference is in fit, finish, and corrosion resistance. Using a rusty jack stand is no fun and over time the rust could compromise the integrity. The best way to determine build quality on a jack stand is to view a couple of things. First look at the finish. It should be smooth, even, and have full coverage. If there are gaps or cracks, it’s probably not going to last very long. The other thing to look at is the quality of the welds. The weld beads should be even. If it looks like it was gobbed onto the structure, chances are it was not a very clean weld. Unfortunately not everyone has the ability (or desire) to go to a shop and look at jack stands with their own eyes. As such, the obvious other solution is to read reviews such as the ones below and let other people do this work for you.
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