Fractional bulk about-face Hydraulic Bottle Jack agee

  • Hydraulic jack should be placed flat, afore use do not tilt, basal pad, to anticipate the foundation bore or the fractional bulk about-face Hydraulic Bottle Jack agee or overturned, at the basal of the hydraulic jack pad or pillow with boxy bowl to aggrandize the breadth of pressure, so as not to abatement or accelerate accident; do not use adipose Wood as a pad or animate plate, to anticipate bottomward force, affirmation accidents; weight is appropriation position accept to be safe and solid parts, in adjustment to anticipate blow to the equipment.

    In the appropriation process, should be with the ascent weight in time of hydraulic jacks beneath pave the way to anticipate allowance pillow rack, hydraulic jack agent acquired by bend or accidents acquired by the abrupt drop.

    If the appropriation abundant end uses abandoned one hydraulic jack, the hydraulic jack should be placed on the balanced arbor of the abundant object, and the administration of the abject of the Floor Transmission Jack is constant with the administration that the abundant commodity is simple to topple.