Beneath the car with it abeyant by the 2T Scissor Jack

  • If you are appropriation the foreground of the car, again abode a 6 Ton Jack Stands beneath the foreground able plate, lower the car assimilate the jack stand, and again echo for the adverse ancillary of the car. Again jack up the rear of the car in a agnate appearance application the jack point .

    Jacking the car up from this point will about accession the absolute rear of the car, acceptance you to set both rear jack stands in abode at the aforementioned time. Set the acme on the jack stands to be the aforementioned as the ones for the front. With the car accurate on all four jack stands, you can anxiously echo the accomplished action to accession the car college if needed.

    Safety is of ascendant accent here. Never plan beneath the car with it abeyant artlessly by the 2T Scissor Jack - consistently use jack stands. Consistently use a advancement jack angle wherever you abode your primary jack stands.