Allowance for the 3 Ton Jack Stands to abutment the car

  • Jack up the car appliance a solid jacking point, abrogation abundant allowance for the 3 Ton Jack Stands to abutment the car. If appropriation just one wheel, appropriation just that bend of the car is a acceptable idea. If appropriation the absolute foreground or rear, accept a jack point in the centermost of the foreground or rear abeyance or frame.

    Support the car with jack stands. If acknowledging one bend of the vehicle, abode the jack bend beneath the jacking point and acclimatize the height, locking it in abode with the pin or pawl, as applicable. If acknowledging the accomplished foreground or rear of the vehicle, use jack stands in pairs, finer set and bound to according height. Do not use copse blocks to accretion added height, as a copse block may blooper or breach – buy taller jack stands. Lower the jack boring until the abounding weight of the car rests on the jack stands.

    If appropriation the accomplished car, lift and abutment the foreground first, to the best acme able of your Floor Jack 3T and jack stands. Again lift and abutment the rear of the vehicle, appliance a added brace of jack stands.