Use 6 Ton Jack Stands when alive beneath the car

  • 2T Scissor Jack: Blooper the rod into the circling drive aperture and about-face in the adverse administration as you did to accession the car. Hydraulic Jacks: Accessible the abatement valve to let aqueous cesspool from the hydraulic cylinder, which lowers the arm. The valve is usually a baby circling keyed to the lever. Yield affliction to accessible the valve boring to abstain al of a sudden bottomward the car. Slip two jack stands beneath the car abreast area the jack is acknowledging it. Line the stands up with the compression bond or jack point. Accession the jack stands until they are about affecting the abject of the car. Lower the jack boring and anxiously until the jack stands "catch" the car. If you are not alive beneath the car (for instance, if you are alteration a tire), you can advance afterwards jack stands. Yield affliction not to put any allotment of your physique beneath the car as you work. You will be alive beneath the car, use 6 Ton Jack Stands Plan that requires you to put any allotment of your physique beneath the car calls for jack stands. These action a wider, added defended abject for the car's weight than accustomed jacks. It is alarming to plan beneath the car afterwards jack stands.