Hydraulic Bottle Jack is very valuable

  • Hydraulic Bottle Jack or whiskey jacks are typical jacks with a cylinder and piston. These are effective when you have space problem because bottle jacks do not require a large space to operate. Bottle jacks can lift vehicles weighing 50 tons, however, these might not show a great result for smaller vehicles and cars. Bottle jacks are generally used by the SUV, 4wd and the truck owners.

    Similar to a floor jack, a bottle jack is very valuable because its lifting power is built to handle heavy loads and high clearances. This model also takes up considerably less space than other jacks, leaving more room for the everyday tools in your garage.

    Standard lift capacity: Up to 20 tons

    Standard lift height range: 7 - 19 in.

    Best for: High clearance trucks and SUVs

    Additional benefit: Short models available for low clearance, but heavy vehicles

    Jacks and jack stands are very safe when used properly but there a few safety tips that should be followed:

    Consult the owner’s manual for the recommended lift and support spots on the vehicle.

    A jack should only be used to lift the vehicle off the ground. Jack stands should be used to hold it in place.

    Always use jack stands if working underneath a vehicle, never go underneath a vehicle that is only held up by a jack.

    Always block the wheels before jacking up a car. This will keep it from rolling. Bricks, wheel chocks or wooden wedges work well.

    A jack and jack stands should only be used on a level surface.

    The car should be in park and the parking brake engaged before the vehicle is jacked up.

    Gently shake the vehicle when Floor Jack Low Profile is on the jack stands to ensure it is secure before going under the vehicle.