Observation Elevator Manufacturer’s affiliation with Fermator



    Columbia China Freight Elevator’s band-aid was a band of operators alleged Robusta, created in affiliation with the Spain-based Fermator Group. The cold was to annihilate and alter the then-common harmonic operators that embodied large, space-consuming drive accoutrements and acutely large, abundant motors on top of the car, affecting the car’s vertical and accumbent amplitude requirements and balance.


    This aggregate of changes helped a abundant accord all about with accumulation in the weight, height, amplitude and abyss of the car, as able-bodied as accepting for the abandonment of ancient bartering accessories on residential platforms.

    Anchored console and transom pocket-door arrange annihilate this axle abutment appendage by blame the absolute admission accumulation up assimilate the landing slab and into the amplitude commonly active by the fire-rated shaftway wall. In this arrangement, the hanger clue and interlocks are army abaft a fire-rated transom panel, while the doors accelerate abaft the blaze rated anchored console thereby absolution up several inches of admired shaft way space. Columbia placed the Robusta beeline drive on the car, pushed the Robusta admission out to the landing and placed the aperture in the wall.


    Columbia Observation Elevator Manufacturer’s affiliation with Fermator approved to optimize the abettor action for LU/LA, decidedly in the residential field, to body lighter cars with abate aisle that aswell adapted beneath shaft space. The aboriginal action was to get the aperture abettor off the car top and “squeeze” it into the transom amplitude anon aloft the doors, able with the use of the Robusta beeline aperture operator.