How to clean the Canon Pixma IP1000 printer waste ink absorber?


    Sometimes when you trying to print a document, then a bit of ink falls to the printer’s bottom. In every printer, pads and sponges absorb the waste ink, when it fil ups, printer stopped printing. So you have to need to clean it.

    Do you want to clean your Canon Pixma printer’s waste ink absorber? The n read this article very carefully to learn about the basic instructions of cleaning waste ink absorber. You can also get Canon printer technical support from the very skilled technical experts.

    First of all, open your printer and then find the waste ink absorber pads which are available at the bottom right side of your printer.

    Now eliminate the waste ink absorber pads and holder from the printer by lifting them out.

    Now you must need to clean the waste ink absorber by soaking up as much as ink with the help of a tissue.

    After that, go back to your Canon printer and look for the other waste ink absorber. It is available at the right-hand bottom in the back of the printer. You must need to remove few screws and plastic parts to remove sponge.

    Now wash the sponge with clean water and wait while it completely dry. After completely dry, reassemble it into the printer.

    Now replace the waste ink absorber pads and sponge to complete the process.

    If you are not able to clean your Canon Pixma IP1000 printer waste ink absorber with the above instructions? Then don’t be tensed and contact Canon printer tech support team to avail the best solutions from the seasoned professionals. This effective support can be gained at 24/7 hours.