How to Recover hacked MSN account

  • MSN is the software application which has been introduced by the Microsoft company. It has launched its application in the year 1995 on 24th of August. MSN is basically the online web portal application which is also used as the mailing platform services. Earlier is was introduced in the name and feature of Hotmail but as due to some increment in its features and accessibility it has named as the Outlook mailing account although it works as same as that of hotmail application, but with some increased and enhanced lucrative features added with the outlook account.

    How to recover my msn account when get hacked ?

    Below given is the proper solution to Recover hacked msn account. One need to just go through the steps which are mentioned below to resolve there issues.

    If any one feel like there account has been accessed by any outsider then immediately he or she may reset there msn account password. And make highly secured and alphanumeric password for the msn account. And to reset your account password just follow the below given steps :

    Step 1: Firts of all login to your msn account.
    Step 2: Click on the  icon present on the top right corner of the page.
    Step 3: click on the ‘settings’ options.
    Step 4: Then after that choose the ‘more mails settings’ from the given menu.
    Step 5: Select the account details to access your language menu in your msn account.
    Step 6: Now click on the ‘change password’ options.
    Step 7: In the required field enter the old and then new password and then make it submit.
    Step 8: Then finally click on the submit button.
    Step 9: Then again login to your account to verify the changes been made in your account.

    Else if not able to get the proper solution then one can reach to the ‘msn customers service’ employee to provide the guidance and support in the desired field.

    One can even look for the below given solution to resolve the problem which are mentioned as below :
    Look for the scam mails and messages in your account.
    People may get in use of antivirus software application to delete all your malware activities.
    One must add the security information question to your msn account to avoid hacking.
    And to get the official support from the msn then contact to MSN customer service phone number which available 24/7 hour in a day for the help. And any one can avail this facility by just sitting at your respective workplaces or even home.