The pen immediately jumped up towards the wonderful Chinese dan

  • Out of the campus, in the community. He found his future even blurred. After repeatedly, completely mindful of the society which the rivers and lakes together with the campus that small rivers and lakes seemingly different. It is no longer using a cavity with enthusiasm and private ability to be capable of do Swordsman, more hours to count on the so-called comprehensive strength. So he stuck in your own home a few days didn't go out, gave himself a strategy. After a comprehensive analysis of their very own, chose to sink to locate a stable job, if you do well prepared carefully, God will not bear their painstakingly, he was the most used national civil servants. Interview if you find no opponent, somebody walked in to the examination that has a smile, and smiled and looked forward to the widely accepted job.

    However, the periods before the job can be very sad, he can't bear enough time so in the fingertips flowing away, anxious to change the smile, yes ah, he or she is a lonely person, the real key should do something, we are going to say , To find a lesson class substitute, this isn't his specialty? It seems a hardship on him, he often declared that good horse isn't going to eat back grass. To the supermarket once the salesman to travel? This will not be his personality, disdain, techniques not want to. So how regarding their own business? But he could be a quasi-civil servants, 3-4 months will be officially practical, and this is simply not OK. At this point he considered writing articles. He has for ages been a I do not know is great or challenging habits, wish to write a comparable experience like diary, between lines, quite thought.

    Thought in this, he returned towards the chair, found the pen, separated by way of a long while. This idea will not be a whim, he weigh for an extended time, this time around he usually weigh, considerate. Yes, he likes writing, and writing not only doesn't affect his future work, and also enrich their very own lives, enrich the spirit of others, naturally, also can earn royalties. Writing, submission, yes, then write it. His heart suddenly suddenly exposed, including Mu spring breeze, his face out of the blue disappearance of clouds. The pen immediately jumped up on the wonderful Chinese dance, rotating take-off, white paper made a line of sonorous and powerful track - to perform their wish to do things, so passionate drive away confused ...

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