I would rather take half in the cost of living to get books

  • Recently met the small brother's father, chatting he informed me that the younger brother from the mid-term test email address particulars are very good, the 1st class school fifth, with my face with the irrepressible smile, apparently very proud. Indeed, this result can be really good, I think no matter what parents must be pleased, and I really happy for the miscroscopic brother.

    Weekend, the small brother for the holidays to travel home, his face didn't have a look of pride, surprised I asked the export, the result got me silent for years "I tend not to care the amount of, I care more to do with my grades Home following the parents won't be scolded, "This sentence makes me sensitive heart suddenly thought lots. Then I asked, "Do you do have a dream? Do you want to do one thing later?" He replied, "Do not know, casually."

    With the miscroscopic brother on this dialogue making sure that my mood is not easy, I tend not to know the thought of ??other children, but I guess it really is absolutely not simply how much, should the time to five years ago I think I like all of it Thanks to China's examination-oriented education, although in the majority of cities folks have been aware in this kind of education, but also for some uneducated parents, and also some go through the traditional parents, they still believe life to reside in Good together with reading even He realized the meaning from the university without other another option, usually do not read to wait to search home farming, they are my parents' thoughts, but also the bulk of people within the village of ideas, their thinking from this education is just too big deep, The change they did not discover that their next generation are only able to be within the dream has not yet yet set sail if your wings are already broken, those dreams from the seeds had just take off the cut, only opt to sleep within the pace of energy Was gradually forgotten.

    I am an upcoming kindergarten teacher, similar to most rural people, right from the start of my school life only books, grades, this life has continued to junior school graduation, tired in this learning life I can not get a trace Learning the love, the exam results expected inside poor, disappointed inside parents, friends and relatives inside eyes of contempt I stumbled on the school where I am now. I can not can recall the original dream in the way, but prepare yourself for some never be a teacher in this career, to the present school can be because helpless but more is always to escape, flee their parents, fleeing that I sleep ten years on the village And the sort of compelling people would like to learn crazy.

    Came for this school I still still will not love to learn, but I convey more time to find their lost dreams, trance, I found my love for that text beyond his or her insistence on anyone thing, so that you can see Novels I would rather take half from the cost of living to purchase books, view the words in the words don't even write the work I actually will likely be those who seriously record the link, often appear to see a superb article when camping Said that anything might be more attractive than anything, I love writing love writing, get free inside the mind of me, to regain their dreams. I think a minimum of for most people at the least I was lucky, I did not lose initially my dream, I have the capability to pursue their unique life as well as their dreams.At the time with the youth I have enough time for it to fight to the dream, to discover such a little brother I have no chance to change his life, and many parents think, but I am happy to use my text to write down for them Voice, the periods are changing, our education concept should change.

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