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  • Thisis an important public health issue and provides information for policy makers, practitioners, and buy cheap runescape gold families.24 We have already shown that dementia and severe cognitive impairment can be present at the end of life, increasingly so with increasing age.25 We looked at overall survival for people with dementia and examined the association between factors that could affect survival in incident dementia over a 14 year follow up.MethodsStudy design and populationThe Medical Research Council's cognitive function and ageing study (MRC CFAS) is a multicentre, longitudinal, prospective population based epidemiological study of cognitive function and disability in the UK. The fieldwork methods were standardised for Cambridgeshire, Gwynedd, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Oxford, where at least 2500 people aged 65 years and over were interviewed at each centre, divided equally between two age groups: 65 74 and 75 years and over. The sampling included institutions, and the overall response rate (82%) provides good population representation.

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