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  • Fortunately, Bobby has some history with osrs gold a medieval studies professor, and she just happens to have a dragonkilling blade. Unfortunately, said blade is stuck in a stone ("Binding sword to stone used to be all the rage," she explains.) When Dean proves that he's not the reincarnation of King Arthur, he gets his Mythbusters on (unofficial motto of the show: "When in doubt, C4"). He does manage to free the sword, but it's substantially shorter now.

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    Then there was watching [skeleton racer] Jon MONTGOMERY when he won. I saw him a year before the Games at a press conference. I sat at the back of the room and listened to him talk. But if you have a tax refund check or some money stashed away from a Christmas bonus (hey, not in my house, but it could happen) then it might be worth it for the dedicated gamer to buy their way to one of the rarest mounts in the game. The Celestial Steed is in a small way like that. No, the mount isn't rare, not by any means..

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