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  • Hospital level clustering and the propensity matched study design buy rs3 gold ere accounted for with marginal model analysis using the id statement of the SAS PHREG procedure and sandwich covariance matrix estimation.30 All analyses were carried out using SAS 9.3.ResultsPatientsFrom 2007 to 2009, we identified 6008 patients with non small cell lung cancer undergoing lobectomies, 4715 (78%) of which were performed by thoracotomy (table 1). Table 1 lists patients' demographics, comorbidities, and tumor characteristics. Patients undergoing thoracoscopic lobectomy were older, were more likely to be female, had higher median incomes, and were more likely to have surgery in a metropolitan centre (91.9% v 82.3%, Pv 31.3%, P=0.03), congestive heart failure (2.9% v 4.8%, P=0.003), and chronic pulmonary disease (50.6% v 60.6%, P).

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    While some "red state" governors such as Rick Perry (TX), Sam Brownback (KS), and Rick Scott (FL) have fought to keep the overall tax burden of their state's residents relatively low, center left politicians, such as Governor Martin O'Malley (MD) and Governor Jerry Brown (CA), continue to hike tax rates to cover the cost of wasteful government spending. Maryland, for example, has had 40 new taxes signed into law by Gov. O'Malley since he took office in 2007.

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