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  • If Nemu was the seventh Nemuri that Mayuri created, then there has been another version of her prior to her birth. Battleships Blood Sea is then revealed that Pernida, while being inside of Ashisogi Jizō, was shooting a volley of arrows throughout Ashisogi Jizō's body.
    Without a doubt, it's one of, if not the, most attractive Warriors releases on the market. Whichever characters you find yourself fighting alongside, you'll be able to momentarily summon them to take part in your offensive once you've ended a combo. Chapter 641 will likely continue off with more back story about Nemu's creation and Mayuri's past history with his previous creations. It would explain his feelings towards Shutara and Nemu's resemblance to Shutara, explained SilverRain. And the last-minute twist involving time tripping is a textbook example of an anticlimax. A special sale, perhaps? No matter how many enemies are on-screen the game is relatively stable, and it's easy to dash around an entire map and lay waste to hundreds of enemies at a time. Luffy on the other hand are expecting a good battle between Straw Hats and Marines Admiral Issho aka Fujitora. I'm afraid to say it, but it is highly likely that Mayuri will be defeated by Pernida unless someone shows up to save him. If such is the case, then the fate of the Kingdom will surely be put into question. However, in the upcoming episodes, her vulnerable side may be revealed more, showing that she wants the same things as other female characters in the series, particularly being popular among the boys, based on the same Yibada report.
    Props to Mayuri for being so athletic. The addition of a new game mode alone shows that Battleships Blood Sea do at least care about Xenoverse and the hosting of official tournaments shows they are very much aware of the game's large fanbase as well.


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